Rosefinch Fund Management Co. Ltd is a Xi'an-based asset management company with main business in Shanghai, specializing in active long-only strategy in A-shares and H-shares. We define ourselves as a boutique asset manager with China equity expertise.

Rosefinch Fund Management was founded in 2018 by Rosefinch Investment, who has been managing client assets since 2007. Rosefinch Fund Management (Rosefinch) was approved by CSRC as a Mutual Fund manager in 2019. It has grown into a respectable Chinese asset manager with nearly 30 billion RMB under management. Rosefinch Fund manages assets of institutional investors such as endowments, banks, trust companies and securities companies.

35% of Rosefinch shareholdings are owned by its 40+ employees, with most of the remaining shares retained by its two co-founders. All key members especially in research, investment, and departmental team are eligible to become partners. Rosefinch Fund currently has about 100 staff, including 40 research and investment professionals. Research and Investment team is divided into 8 sub-teams, including three Advanced Manufacturing, Teams one focusing on hydrogen, wind and soenergy storage, Team Two focusing on EV and aerospace, Team Three focusing on new energy infrastructure. TMT team, Consumer Team, Healthcare Team, Quant Team and Fixed Income Team.

Rosefinch Fund has a unique research-led investment model where all PM also conduct research, thus ensuring high quality research discussions. By having teams of analysts and PMs on specific industries, especially on carbon-reduction related industries, we cross validate multiple perspectives across the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. The results are of high confidence and deep insights of companies in our final stock pool.